Postal - In Real Life - Drop-off


How can I get my items to you?

Post to me directly. 

Book & bring them to a Roaming Repairs Session at We Make Our Way on Sneinton Market Avenues.

Drop at Shop Zero during their opening hours.

To find out more about each service please tap the links.

How many items can I send/bring/drop?

You can post directly to my studio as many items as you have for repair. 

You can bring up to 4 items for repair to a Roaming Repairs Session.

You can drop at Shop Zero up to 3 items.

How long will my item take?

This can vary week to week but I’ll always endeavour to have items completed within 3 weeks.

How much will the repair cost?

Pricing varies item to item and depending on how long it will take me. I use a timer on each individual repair - how ever long it takes me is what I charge you. Upon request with photos I can always give a rough quote for repairs. Please drop me an email at There is also a guideline price list here.

What if I need to choose fabric to repair my garment?

I enjoy it when customers are part of the repair journey, once I receive the item & asses the damage a decision will be made on the best way to repair. If fabrics are required, I will send you a photo of samples I have that compliment the garment - then you choose which you want. 

Can you repair bags?

Due to the nature of my business I do not repair non-clothing items. This includes household textile items, bag & shoes. I also do not offer alterations on brand new garments. If you have an alteration or rework idea in mind please contact me before hand to discuss you requirements.

Do you only do visible mending?

Although I specialise in visible mending I can offer a more discreet service. Please contact me before-hand to discuss your needs.