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Have an item that needs a fix up but can’t make it to Nottingham? Fear not, I offer a postal service to send your beloved garms.

To get your item to me for repair please follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase this postal service deposit of £5.

2. Ensure your name, contact phone number & return address are put into the order form when securing this deposit. Package up your item and include in the parcel your order number which can be found in your email receipt along with all the above information & a description of the repairs you would like me to do. 

3. Once you’ve gone through the checkout an email receipt will be sent to you with the postal address enclosed.

I will always endeavour to reuse packaging where possible. Once your garment is received I aim for a 3 week turnaround. 

Please insure your parcel correctly depending on the value of your garments contained. I do not take responsibility for loss of packages. Upon return shipping I will always confirm the insurance value amount you wish for you parcel.The £5 deposit will be taken off your total bill & payment is due before return your item to you.

Please note: this is only for items in need of repair ie, jeans crotch repairs, new zips, elbow patching, seam repairs, holey knits!

Price list can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the chat box.